Geometry Dash 2.1/2.2.0 App Mod APK Download For Android/iOS/PC Full Version Free

Free Download Geometry Dash 2.100/2.2 Game Mod Apk Full Version For Android/iOS/PC | All Levels Complete Unlocked APK

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At the present moment, it is rare to find a person who does not love playing games on their Android phones. No matter, the type of game you love, you are destined to find your favorite game from the huge collections of gaming apps. Some of these games are also classified as brain boosters. Here, particular mention is necessary about the adventurous games. When you excel in such games, you are able to handle every situation in practical life properly. Geometry Dash 2.1 apk is one such challenging game. The geometry dash hacked apk game requires you to survive in a taxing background. Players are required to navigate in a square. This is an ultimate test of your skills, even a slight mistake would require you to start over from the beginning.

Understand the various gameplay levels of Geometry Dash 2.1

Geometry Dash Cracked Version features 21 levels inclusive of 3 secret levels. If you want then you can also set the difficult mode as per your requirements. But do remember, the level of difficulty determines how the gaming levels are going to be. If you do not set any difficulty then you can play from the Auto to Demon levels. The series of difficulty may not be in a synchronized manner. Additionally, there are custom levels also. You need to have the full version of the game in order to play these custom levels. If you are truly an adventure game lover, geometry dash hack tool will instantly appeal to you. Free geometry dash all levels unlocked apk download and geometry dash everything unlocked in this already files uploaded.

How to download and the recent update of the app

Earlier this year, this 2.1 update was released. On the same day, this update was released for Apple phone users. The update introduced a new level which includes Fingerdash, the spider mode, new jump orbs, dash orbs, custom gameplay orbs, red jump pad, a red 4x speed portal, 2 new shops, 2 new vaults (Vault of Secrets and Chamber of Time), daily rewards, shards (fire, ice, poison, shadow, lava and bonus), varied editor features, mana orbs, diamonds, vault keys, demon difficulties, the epic ranking, Gauntlets, Hall of Fame, quests, daily levels, death effects and you have more options to comment and additionally various more options, optimizations, newer icons, colors and a host of other features. You can download Geometry Dash 2.1 Premium Version from the Google play store and for iOS users, this can be downloaded from the iTunes store.

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How to play the game and its features

Your mission will be to jump and fly to avoid the barriers and perils on the way. Many people who have played Geometry Dash 2.2 full version are of the opinion some of the missions are simply impossible to finish. However, if you set the skills in a proper manner you can definitely overcome the missions. It only requires you to touch and tap the screen of your phone. Main features of the game are mentioned below:
  1. This is referred as a rhythm-based game but in an action platform.
  2. Each of the levels will welcome you with new soundtracks.
  3. There is a level editor at your disposal, this can help you to build and share your levels.
  4. When you complete the missions one by one, you will be able to unblock new characters and colors.
  5. You can use the practice mode to sharpen your skills.
When you successfully complete a level, you will be able to get rewards form the game center.
So, download this game and enhance your skills.

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