How To Fix ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR in Google Chrome 2019 Solved

How To Fix Spdy protocol Error in Google Chrome Browser 2019 Latest Version Solve Problem

Life without internet has become unimaginable at present. To make our life easier, we have got a number of platforms to access the internet. However, it is not uncommon to experience unexpected problems in this journey. The err_spdy_protocol_error is one such problem. You can encounter this message while browsing any of the popular websites. Generally, this problem happens to the sites that are https: enabled. You can, however, get rid of this problem with some simple steps.

Why this error occurs

SPDY is a protocol of the chrome browser. With the help of this protocol, web pages are designated to open quickly. Additionally, it offers web security. Though this was initially developed by Google, later on, the Http 2 vulnerability compelled Google to back away from this protocol or err_spdy_protocol_error magento 2. Thus, users who are browsing with an outdated Chrome browser or an antivirus or firewall blocks can result in the generation of this err_spdy_protocol_error wordpress.

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How to fix this error

As already mentioned, this does not take a lot to get a fix for this issue of spdy protocol error nginx enabled. By following the steps mentioned below you should be able to overcome this annoying err_spdy_protocol_error android error message.
  1. Your first task would be to update the chrome browser. Downloading the latest version of Chrome will definitely solve the problem.
  2. Many antiviruses have an inbuilt security system, you have to carefully search the various options and identify if any one of these options is actually blocking the chrome browser from opening pages, and generating this what causes err_spdy_protocol_error message. By changing the options this problem can be fixed.
  3. The above two methods should help instantly. However, if you are still seeing this message, you should run the chrome cleanup tool. This tool can be downloaded and it will manage the problem. 
  4. Yet another option is to use the Flush Sockets. For this, you should first open the chrome browser and open the following URL, chrome://net-internals/#events&q=type:SPDY_SESSION%20is:active. This will open the flush sockets website. Next, you should open the flush sockets tools by typing chrome://net-internals.#sockets.
  5. Alternatively, you can also clear the DNS cache and the host cache. 
Sometimes, you may think this err_spdy_protocol_error meaning is limited to certain sites like Facebook. Understandably, social media sites like these are most popular, a lot of people visit this site for meeting friends and others. However, as mentioned earlier, you will notice, the Facebook site has a https when it loads. Thus, an outdated web browser will cause problems to open it properly. Before, jumping to any conclusion, you should always check for similar other sites and see if the error failed to load resource: net::err_spdy_protocol_error is getting repeated. As you can understand, in this case, all sites with https will generate this error err_spdy_protocol_error nginx. Hopefully, you will be able to get rid of it by following any one of the tips mentioned above.
Remember, whenever you are stuck with such problems, always try to find a solution online. Most users who have identified the solution will share the remedy online. That is the power of the internet, where sharing is caring.

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