TSF Launcher 3D Shell Prime Pro Apk Full Version Download Free Themes

TSF Launcher 3D Shell Prime v3.8.9 PRO Cracked Premium App Apk Full Latest Version Free Download For Android/iPhone Themes

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The advent of various launchers has revolutionized the way we look at our Android phones. At present, it has become a difficult choice to select the best launcher, as there are thousands of them. Every Android user prefers to have a unique launcher and thankfully, we are spoilt for choice. The TSF Launcher 3D Shell Prime v3.8.9 needs a special mention. This launcher can be referred as an interface to the new operating system. This launcher gives you the freedom of generously using a wide array of widgets. Once you start using this app, you will never feel like reverting to your old monotonous operating system.

Features of TSF Launcher 3D Shell Prime v3.8.9

  1. With this launcher, you can perform multiple operations. Some of the notable things include auto-arrangement, multiple-choices, add-to-folder, deleting multiple items at the same time with just a single tap. Additionally, you have the convenience of checking various folders in a lot of different ways.
  2. TSF launcher 3d shell prime v3.8.5 apk has one dedicated page for apps. It also includes four personalized pages for Android users. It is very simple to switch between pages you simply need to tap the switch button that appears in the lower left corner of the screen.
  3. If you prefer, you can conveniently create as many quick links for your apps. You can also drag them to any page of your liking. Once you are in the personalized page, you will have the liberty to distribute the app icon and can also change their angles. 
  4. You will notice in the side column of the tsf launcher prime pro apk free download there are various widgets, you can use them as you like. Some of these include folders, contacts, music player and weather widgets.
  5. Similarly, as mentioned above you can also personalize the side column. You can freely change the order and positioning of the various categories. The apps you use the most can be kept in the side column for quick access.
  6. You will simply love the themes of this tsf launcher full latest version apk. The transition animation of these themes can also be changed if you like.
  7. Further, you get M launcher style app arrangement and grid.
  8. Lastly, you also can change the size of the main menu faculty as and when you like.

The download procedure of TSF Launcher 3D Shell Prime v3.8.9

You can easily download this tsf launcher themes from the Play Store. Just by looking at the screenshots, you will get a significant idea on how your existing Android device is going to get a much needed makeover. The reviews of satisfied users will also inspire you to adopt the change. The best thing about this launcher app is, the manufacturers update it on a regular basis. Thus, you can always expect something new after a short period.

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The TSF Launcher 3D Shell Prime v3.8.9 Apk Download Free is the ideal app for all those who prefer that extraordinary look of their Android phones.

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